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Low-budget development solutions
The realization of every innovation involves a certain amount of financial risk. To minimize the necessary investment and give a chance to all projects, we have created technological instruments which make possible the achievement of your wildest dreams //brave ideas within a reasonable and affordable budget.

Automation of processes
Technological solutions comprise electronic and software modules in a combination with different electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic components. These modules constitute a whole synchronized system. A simple example is the recording of speed, the measurement of temperature and pressure, the movement of an object, or revolutions monitoring. The conversion of these values in electronic ones ensures accurate computation and high-speed automation.

Service management software solutions
This type of software solutions utilizes the opportunity for data processing and archiving. When a specific service is used regularly by a great number of people, automation makes it possible to keep records of the individual consumption figures for every single client. The data analysis enables you to plan and improve this service, and also apply different marketing strategies, such as discounts for turnover, or various bonus systems.

Mobile construction machinery
For greater comfort on the construction site //area
Power, productivity and economy are factors which can be achieved through the correct symbiosis between mechanics and electronics. All mobile excavators from the 1990s till today have been equipped with power control intelligent systems. Incorrect functioning of this system renders the machine incapable of exploitation. Timely diagnostics of this problem saves money and prevents damage to units like the engine or the hydraulic system.

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