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Marketing and innovations

The free market of goods and services has created new criteria (and conditions) in the relationships between sellers and buyers. The relevant technological solutions offer excellent opportunities for meeting the stricter criteria of consumers and they also supply new management instruments for the services that you provide. The implementation of a management system creates the possibility for building a new type of culture in the relations between your employees and your customers.







On the basis of the described technological instruments, we have developed several systems for machine control, as well as for data collection, processing and archiving. 

SunStudio is a billing system for solarium studios’ billing and management. Our main partner in the implementation of this system is SUNKING. The system consists of radio modules, which provide connection with (solariums management system), and a software for the processing and archiving of the data which reflects the service consumption .

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Petar Ivanov - Governor

tel.: +359 889 31 28 31



Marian Todorov - Technical Manager

tel.: +359 877 72 32 38